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Directed by Joseph Kosinski

genres Action

Review Top Gun: Maverick is a movie starring Tom Cruise, Jennifer Connelly, and Val Kilmer. After more than thirty years of service as one of the Navy"s top aviators, Pete Mitchell is where he belongs, pushing the envelope as a courageous

release date 2020





This was one of it"s kind movie. Dukes of Hazard in the sky. It had me laugh the part where the predator finally used a human weapon rifle shooting people, and you people are right, too much comedy & the actors acted like they didnt take the movie seriously. so it still doesnt beat the 1st 2 predator movies.

Brie Larson can do that too.


Hans Zimmer makes the sound massive.

Idk why but it sounds like a very bad o movie for the name lol

It goes WITHOUT SAYING WHERE has the time gone.
0:18 instant goosebumps when you hear that sound.

You forgot to add the I WANT SOME BUTSS! scene

And when that legendary music starts. thats pure class.

How many of you play this song everyday. The F-14 is and always will be one of my personal favorite jet planes. Its one of my aircraft of choice in Ace Combat. He fly the fighter by himself wow ?? awesome ????. Get out hear before the coronavirus kills you. Tom"s been THE MAN for 35 years. The biggest star in the world and he deserves it. I don"t care what other people say. Kosinski, McQuarrie and probably Liman next for Edge of Tomorrow sequel. Dude get old already. Bro yall make these movies to expemsive. Genetics. AND how you take care of yourself is huge. Stop smoking. and drinking alcohol in large volumes then notice the change ??. Yes yes yes. The childhood memories just flooding back.

Loved this movie and can"t wait for the next one. I like goose with he was a alive. Even Kelly McGillis found out that the wall is undefeated ??. I hope China approves of the movie. I am honestly saying the girl in video is much hotter and y than today"s models or celebrity, raise your hand if you agree ???????????. I LOVE IT! It"s TRUE about the two trailers shown: I"ve spent over 24 plus years in the military (joint operations) with all services. Commanders will appreciate and acknowledge your great deeds. However, some may like your methods and other might NOT! In the end all of them want you to advice for Hollywood (Tom C) is to show a third trailer (combine them together) for a comparison and contrast. The movie is gonna be GREAT.

I can not wait! I feel the need for speed! Love Cruise.




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